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Career Experiences

End of full time Blogging for me

Some of you would probably know that I left a regular, well paying corporate job towards the end of 2010, to start blogging full time. This move has been in alignment with what I consider my ultimate purpose, to lead a conscious and aware life, do things that I connect with, and to help others become more conscious and aware.

Why I did it?

I wanted to bring together my purpose, my interest in writing, my urge to express myself, create something of my own, and make all of these into something that can be a sustainable source of livelihood. I had little idea of how this would work out but wanted to do it never the less.

From my job, I had sufficient savings, that can last me and my wife a few years, if we are thrifty. So we decided to take on the adventure. read more »

Life's Purpose Wellness

Something better than money !?

Money is the gasoline of life. We need it to buy all of life’s necessities, and more. Whether you love it or hate it, you will probably agree that there is no doing without it.

So, it stands to reason that almost all of us(save perhaps the chronically apathetic) strive to make a comfortable amount of it.

This collective pursuit of money seems to have its own merits. People learn not to depend on others, there is more personal space. The power to live ones dreams comes into ones own hands. Money gets us our most prized possession, freedom. read more »