A different path to success

If you ask, most will tell you that the path to success is not an easy one. While the final goal may be as sweet as honey, the path to it is far from it. One has to create plans, timetables and dead lines, develop discipline, improve productivity and what not.

It may seem that until the goal is reached, there is no respite for the one on the path to success. Anyone trying to do something worthwhile, will have to go through these hardships. Or will he?

Over the last few years, I have noticed that there is another path. It is not without it’s share of challenges, but it is different, in that, it focus on what makes you happy right now.

Here is how you proceed on this path.

Focusing on what you enjoy

Look at all the things you enjoy doing. If there are 10 things you enjoy, focus on just one and forget about the rest. Just pick up what seems most exciting and interesting. Experience it fully. Forget about everything else. Banish guilt, banish analysis of what is best, just enjoy what you like with complete surrender.

If it is watching TV for hours, find a TV, make time, and then watch it with full focus, without any guilt. Savor every moment.

The inevitable shift in interest

You may lose interest in it after a while. Shift your focus to what seems more interesting now. Repeat the same as above.

The interest will keep jumping between things, but it will settle down over time. Over time, you will find something that your interest just doesn’t seem to waver from. Keep in mind that, this will happen only if you keep following the direction of your interest. It will happen only if you hold faith and let go of things that you may have built upon for some time, only to realize you have to leave them now, since your interest has shifted. You will have to let go of your fears about the future, you will have to let go of doubts.

Don’t rush

Don’t try to quickly move your interest around different things, in order to reach the final one quickly. That defeats the spirit of the path. You cannot force this process, you can only flow with it. Your interest will settle on its own , in its own time. The more you trust it and make friends with it, the more resistance-less you become and the easier it is for your interest to find it’s steady home.

The philosophy behind it

The idea here is, once you take the resistance of your intellect, your doubts and fears out of the way, your heart automatically leads you to that which you have an aptitude for and that which you enjoy doing. It takes you to the work that you can be good at, and enjoy at the same time.

Just like on the other path, you can become excellent at something, create good value for this world, be rewarded for it, have accomplishments, reach milestones, find happiness and lead a satisfying life.

But ther are differnces too. On this path, you don’t so much strive for success, as you let it happen to you. You don’t so much decide the direction of your life as much as you let it unfold on its own.

The successes you meet are not planned. There is less of a sense of being in control and moulding the direction of your life. But still, these ‘accidental’ successes and accomplishments make you feel good. As opposed to a believing that things fall apart if not directed properly, there is a faith that things fall into place as long as we keep our doubts and fears away and let our Inner Guide lead us.

This path does not involve big plans, timetables and dead lines. These things are not forced. And yet, they form to some extent, on their own. You don’t hold on to them. They come and go, and then come again. You just observe them, believing that it is all for good.


For quite some time now, I have been trying to follow this path. In fact, I am midway betwen the 2 paths, folowing a bit of both. My fears and doubts are not all gone and I am oscillating between controlling and letting go.

So I won’t go into judging the paths. This post is just to bring to your notice that this path also exists. That you have a choice. It is upto you to decide which one you take. No path is bad. In the end, it all depends on the traveler.

Image credits: scottchan

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