Developing the power of Love

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I recently picked up a famous book by Og Mandino, ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’. It is the story of how 10 ancient scrolls help an ordinary camel boy change into the greatest salesman.

I have reached up to the part where the second scroll is read. It talks about greeting every day, and everyone you meet, with love.

Now it has been my experience that treating people with love can get seemingly impossible tasks done. I use this knowledge often but I am still far from making it into my second nature, my default response to the world.

The book and the story has touched me at different levels. There are a lot of things in it that I think I need to constantly remind myself. Since I have seen that things settle in my psyche better when I write them down, I decided to write down some reminders for myself. Then it occurred to me that these reminders might hold some value for all you readers too, so I decided to use this post to write down the reminders. Although these are addressed to myself, I hope reading it will provide you with some good food for thought and you will take away something useful.

So here it goes.

I will greet every day with love in my heart

I will meet and greet everyone with love. More than any weapon, love holds the power to melt the hearts of men and create bonds stronger than any coercion or intimidation can ever build. People can counter all my reasoning but they cannot counter my love. Love alone can break all walls of doubt, suspicion and mistrust.

Whenever I meet someone, I will say in my heart – ‘I love you’, so that he may feel the love and warmth in my eyes and in my smile. How can he see me with doubt and suspicion when his heart feels my love?

I will strive to understand the unity and oneness of everything. I will try to love others, just as I love myself. Whenever I see a difference between me and others, I am being lax in exercising love. I will keep reminding myself that separation is only an illusion, separation is a construct of the ego, based on fears. I will remind myself that we all are a single entity, different cells on the same body. If one cell is not doing well, it affects the rest of us. If one cell is doing very good, that too affects all the rest.

I cannot live in solitude, in the safety of my home. I cannot close the doors to the chaos outside, I cannot be indifferent to it, for the problems that are there, are my own. I have been through a lot of confusion and frustration over why the comforts of my home don’t make me happy, in spite of all the efforts I put into them. I now know that I have been looking after only a small part of myself, this body. I am vast, I am limitless, I am all encompassing. I become happy when I accept my true magnitude.

I will find reasons to praise, and not to criticize

I know I have not totally gotten rid of the tendency to criticize others. I know I sometimes feel good by blaming others for what went wrong. I have often given in to the false comfort of finding faults with others and feeling superior to them. No more! I understand that criticism never makes friends and never gets anything done. It can only make people defensive and leave life long bitterness. I resolve to refrain from the urge to criticize or find faults. I will dig for reasons to applaud, to praise. Times when I can see no reason to praise and all the reasons to criticize are a test for me. I will become all the more focused in finding reasons to praise. There is always something in everybody that is worthy of learning, worthy of praise, worthy of loving.

If I see a problem, rather than taking the easy way out by blaming others, I will accept that I own the responsibility for solving it.

I will love everything

I will love what goes right, for it gives me encouragement to continue. But I will also love what goes wrong, for it provides me with a scope to improve and become better. I will love those who are kind and friendly to me, for they provide cherished company. But I will also love those who are unkind and unfriendly, for they make me not forget what I should not be like. When they criticize me, I will reply with love. This will render them incapable of defeating me for you cannot beat a person who does not fight, does not resist. My demeanor will ultimately melt them and turn foes into friends.

More than anything else, I will love myself

Charity begins at home. Before I love anyone else, I will love myself. I have seen a strong correlation between how I feel about my self and how I feel about others. I have often seen myself finding the same fault in others that I have been too scared to accept in myself.

I will treat myself with love. I will not demean myself, induce myself into guilt, or feel I am inadequate. I will love myself for whatever I am. I understand that I have some shortcomings, just like any other being. I will focus more on the strengths that I possess and laud myself for them. These strengths and weaknesses together make the unique package that is me.

I will take good care of my inner and outer self. My outer self I will feed with good food, exercise and rest. I will feed my inner self with good thoughts, meditation and the beauty of nature.

I will thus come to use love as my default nature. Nothing can then perturb me, nobody will see me as an enemy, nothing in this creation will resist my path to success, abundance and happiness.


  • Mohika Khosla
    June 27, 2011 - 9:04 am | Permalink

    This could’nt have been put in more beautifully :)

    • Rahul
      June 27, 2011 - 5:04 pm | Permalink

      Glad you like it Mohika :)

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