That impossible dream you once had

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At some point in our lives, we all have our own impossible dream(In fact, what is a dream if it does not seem impossible at first!). It is so desirable and yet so out of reach.

If you have had yours, what did you do? How did you go about it?

Did you give up on it or did you pursue it? Did you tell yourself to be content with what you have, did you decide to be practical and aspire for what seemed achievable? Or did you decide to go after what felt impossible? Most people choose the first option.

When we are young, everything seems possible. We give every dream a fair chance. If we want to be a soccer star, we have no doubt we are going to be the best ever… But when we start growing up into ‘responsible adults’ and when we face those first hurdles on our path to our dreams, we start discovering all the reasons not to follow the exciting path.

It all creeps in very slowly. First we allow ourselves to reflect over our doubts. Before we know it, these doubts feel like practical scenarios. And then, they define our realities. And yet we know this is not real, for every now and then, there comes some one who achieves what we once aspired for, someone who shatters our comfortable mirage that it was all impossible.

Don’t cheat yourself.

One of the excuses we commonly give ourselves is – I don’t really need all that, I am satisfied with what I have. I am satisfied with the current, ‘practical’ goal I am aspiring for.

To tell yourself you are satisfied with less is to cheat yourself. It’s lying! You might get away with lying to others but you can never get away with lying to yourself. Sooner or later, the lie will catch up with you and life will demand an explanation. Whom are you fooling? What can you possibly gain out of denying the truth?

Stop saying that you are satisfied with what you have.

Accept the yearning and turn it around.

Accept this deep seated yearning inside you. So often a man doesn’t get what he wants just because he was not ready to accept he wanted it.

Let not your yearning cause you discomfort. Who instilled it in you to be embarrassed about your dream? Claim it with confidence. Accept it and let it add fuel to the fire inside you. All great men became great when they faced what they feared. What was once their weakness, turned into their strength. Let your yearning become your strength.

Whether you give in because of discomforts, doubts, fears and uncertainty, or make them the source of your energies, will decide the direction of your life.

Adversity breaks losers and makes winners – Shiv Khera

Feel justified in the pursuit of your dream.

Don’t let others make you believe that trying for more is bad. Bad is not living up to your full potential, bad is lying to yourself and denying yourself, bad is accepting a tolerable existence, bad is not allowing yourself to experience your dreams because others tell you not to. There is absolutely no way of being sure whether something is good for you or not without experiencing it. Taste your dreams first, then decide whether you want to continue with them or feel like going for something else.

Remember, easy is boring. Have impossible dreams. Anything less is not worth the effort.


  • June 12, 2011 - 11:53 pm | Permalink

    Very insightful thoughts.
    Dreams are powerful and they can kindle inspiration within you for becoming something. It’s your commitment that takes this inspiration and converts into an achievement.
    I especially liked your last line “Easy is boring”.

    Keep writing.
    Naveen Kulkarni
    Naveen | Winning Ideas recently posted..Why Discovering Your True Passion is So Important in Life

    • Rahul
      June 14, 2011 - 10:47 pm | Permalink

      Glad you like it Naveen. Keep visiting. :)

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