21 Ways To Find Happiness in Simple Things

This is a guest post by Naveen Kulkarni. He writes about personal development on his blog planetnaveen.com


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In this modern and ever competitive world, people are so busy that they don’t even have time for happiness. They are so much addicted and adopted to speed that and they can’t even stop for experiencing real happiness.

Instead, they try to buy happiness. Unfortunately, most of the people are not sure whether they are really happy when they search for happiness and try buying it. They don’t realize that buying happiness is a trap.

Happiness is a feeling within. It can’t be touched or explained, it is just felt.

Fortunately, there are simple things that can make you really happy.

Can you be happy with simple things?

Actually, you can.

Don’t get me wrong. You can still go to malls, watch movies and shop till you drop. But do these things make you REALLY happy?

If yes, you can straight away ignore the rest of this article.

If you are in doubt, then I urge you take a little time to look at these simple things which can make you REALLY happy.

These little things and activities can make a BIG difference to your happiness quotient and of course they are inexpensive as well :)

I am sharing with you some ideas which can create REAL happiness within you. Try these for sure.

1.Redecorate your home – Simplify, change colors, and create a new theme.

2.Make a painting – Lose yourself in landscapes, paint an abstract thought.

3.Cook a new dish – Surprise your family by serving them your new dish.

4.Compose a new song – Record your new song at home. Be a rock star.

5.De-clutter your work desk – Remove unwanted things, clean and organize.

6.Write a book – Think of a concept, a brilliant idea. Put it in a book.

7.Create a blog – Show your writing to world.

8.Design a new program – Create your own ‘App’ to maintain home expenses effectively.

9.Take an awesome photo – Be a photographer. Experiment with nature, sunset and city life.

10.Write a poem – Put your thoughts on a paper.

11.Write a story – A poet can easily write a story. Try it.

12.Create a garden in your balcony – Be a part of nature.

13.Sit Idle – Halt the microprocessor within your mind.

14.Listen to soothing music – Generate positive vibes and rejuvenate.

15.Play with your kid – Experience the beauty of innocence.

16.Do yoga – Experience the healing power.

17.Clean your house and book shelves – Keep your library updated.

18.Take a long walk – Dump your treadmill for a change.

19.Play chess – Sharpen your mind.

20.Spend quality time with your family – Share your love.

21.Play Sports – Shutdown your video game and find yourself in a real playground.

Ideas are many, you need to choose an idea which makes you REALLY happy and resonates with your personality.

If you look at above ideas, one thing common in those is the human element.
I want you to experience the real happiness, not an illusion.
I want you to come out of digital distractions and create something of your own in small ways.
I want you to experiment, enjoy and live a content life.

Don’t try to buy happiness; it’s already around you in simple things.

Just discover it and experience. It’s waiting for you.

About the author: Naveen Kulkarni is a blogger, painter and a programmer. He writes about personal development on his blog planetnaveen.com


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    Thanks for your very valuable additions. Yes, helping others can make our life truly happy and bring satisfaction.
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