A quick and fun personal growth exercise for you and your friends

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Here is a very interesting and enlightening thing to try. Ask your friends, family, or anyone in your circle to give you a 3-pointed feedback. Ask them to tell you 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses of yours. Ask them to point out 3 things in you that they cherish and 3 things that they would want to see you change.

We all are constantly(and often unconsciously) assessing ourselves. We keep grading our performance, admonishing ourselves for poor performance and feeling elated when we exceed our own expectations. But here is something to ponder – Have you ever sat in a plane? How does a city look from the skies? I will tell you, very different! You get a very different idea of the city when you are flying out of it than, when you are in it. You can relate the details you see now with your existing knowledge and often find new, interesting and useful information. Same holds for feedbacks. We are so close to ourselves, we see only one side of the story. It can be revealing to find out how others perceive you. It can be an eye opener.

And it is fun too! You might be surprised by how your friends perceive you. This exercise will promote deeper understanding and will add a perspective to your relationship.

Ask those too, who are not really close to you but still know you well. Don’t limit yourself to your closest friends and cheer leaders. Ask those who are neutral or even a little antagonistic towards you. This will reveal still varied perspectives.

Why 3-pointed? A lot of feed backs ask for 5 points. I say asking for more is inviting procrastination. It’s an exercise. People mostly can’t answer these questions off the bat. They might need to think it over and are more likely to put off if they have to come out with 5 points on everything. Assure them this is a short exercise. Make it easier for them by giving them a pen and paper. Find them when they are alone. Make sure they have time and are in a good mood. Leave them for a while to reflect. Just tell them they can put in more if they feel like.

While we are at it, do me a small favor and give me a 3-pointed feed back. Leave a comment below or write to me directly at rahulsingh80 at gmail dot com. I am not writing the email address exactly to avoid it being picked by bots. Write whatever you feel like. If, for a point, you can think of less than 3 or none at all, that is OK too. If you can think of more, go ahead! :)

List down 3 –

1. posts you liked

2. posts that you found boring, long, offensive…

3. things you like about the site(and my writings)

4. things that you don’t like

Any other suggestions are welcome!

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