When there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

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He went through years of struggle in the Indian Film Industry. He was rejected by many directors because he was too dark and too lean to be an actor. He was rejected by All India Radio for a bad voice. When a lot of the leading stars rejected a particular film, he was accepted, as a last choice, for the lead role in it. This film went on to become one of the biggest hits of that year. This was his thirteenth film, that brought him success. He is none other than the great Indian actor, Amitabh Bachchan. The film was Zanjeer.

How many of us have been there? For most of our lives, we are too afraid to even try strive for our dreams. When, once in a long while, we do gather our spirit to dare make the effort, the slightest of failures puts a hole through our confidence. Doubts and fears take hold of us again and we find it well neigh impossible to resist the temptation of running back to the safety of our past, indifferent-but-seemingly-safe life.

A reader recently shared his own story with me. He has a similar problem. He has just left his job which he did not find very satisfying, to find some thing that he feels passionate about. While he has displayed courage and heart in taking this decision, he is often assailed by self-doubt. He is in a transitional state. He has left behind what he did not like and he is still striving towards that which he dreams of.

For those of you who have never felt this state, I feel pity. I know it hurts your pride and seems an irritating push out of your closed hole of an existence, but you are yet to experience life. You are far from understanding your true potential. Entangled and tied up in the web of your inconspicuous and meaningless life, you have never tasted true happiness, never felt the infinity that is the power within you. You remind me of Ellie, the female mammoth in Ice Age, who plays with two little opossums and believes she is one too. She has no idea what powers she possesses.

This post is for those who have dared to make that attempt, for those who are trying to live their dreams.

Keeping yourself motivated through out your journey is going to be one of your biggest challenges. You may find yourself haunted by self doubt. You may often find yourself alone, groping in a dark tunnel. You will often find yourself at the verge of despair, looking for that smallest sliver of light to give you hope. Though the ordeal seems tough, you can definitely get through, as sure as the Sun is going to rise in the East tomorrow. Nothing is impossible for a determined heart.

Understand that this is not a bad situation to be worked against. This is, in fact, the perfect way things should be. This may sound contrary to what you feel and believe. I know you want to quickly get success and start feeling comfortable again in your new state. But don’t you think that it won’t be much different from your previous life? You got comfortable with something and then became a slave to it. Aren’t you naively repeating that same experience? True freedom is in accepting success as a journey, not as a goal, True freedom is in choosing a path of knowledge and revelation, instead of choosing comfort and fear.

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving. –Laozi

Achievement of goal is a temporary event on the continuum of things, but this state of struggle, will be your constant companion. This is the state that creates the best you. This is the state that gives you all the knowledge, all the realization. This is the chrysalis you have to go through, to reach a higher state of being. Goals are jut something you have to give you direction, let them just be that.

If you have to become comfortable with something, then become comfortable with this way of things, with being in a state of discomfort! If you can let yourself be in this situation, you will allow yourself a glimpse of the next level. It will be even better if you make friends with it. Then it will ensure constant progress, it will ensure non-stagnation, it will rain success, one after another! Fixate on the journey, not on the achievement of goals.

Crave for a thing, you will get it. Renounce the craving, the object will follow you by itself. –Swami Sivananda

In the next post, we will discuss the exact things one can do, to keep himself/herself motivated on the journey of success. Till then, pat your back for choosing to be the lion that you are. You have shown courage and you have lifted yourself into the company of a small but powerful and positive community. It is the community of the truly living!

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