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What do you do

I had a moment of Deja vu today!

Recently, I had a discussion with somebody. This person wanted to know about what I am currently doing and what I intend to do further in life. This is a question I increasingly find hard to answer. It is difficult for me to define myself with a title like ‘ I was a Software Developer’, ‘I am a Writer’ or ‘I am a Blogger’. I find no title a complete description. I stated my purpose in a recent post. Whatever I am doing here on this site, is a step in that direction, not a complete definition of what I intend to do. The methods I choose may vary, or have additions to them, but the purpose I have is a more apt and permanent description of what I do and what I am.

I have seen a tendency among a lot of people, to define and judge themselves and others by their job titles. These people work hard to get a good title they think will get them social appreciation. They consider it a requirement for a person to have a clearly definable and nice title. Otherwise, he may not be considered worthy of respect or, as I experience sometimes these days, a loser :)

I find it sad that these people define themselves by what their work has given to them(their title), instead of what value they are adding to this world.

So I sat down today with the intent of writing an article on this topic. As I wrote a few lines, I suddenly recollected having read a similar article months ago. When I searched for it, I was surprised to find I had kept the exact same title for this article as the one I had read so many months back(I expanded it later)! The content I would have written would have been no different and no better than in this article. The writer, Steve Pavlina, impresses and inspires me a lot. Here is a link to his article. Enjoy it and let me know what you think about it!

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