Focusing on tasks – The Urgent Vs The Interesting

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When I read my first personal development book, You Can Win, there were a few statements that made a big impact on me. One of them was this :

“Focus on what you want to do and be, rather than what you don’t.”

For the first time, it dawned on me how much I had been focusing on the things I did not like. I thought so much about being too thin, I thought so much about not being good at making friends etc. This statement sort of shook me out of my state of whining, and into looking at what I exactly wanted. I instantly felt better and more positive! Actions and results started flowing out more readily.

The statement above has a lot to do with the Law of Attraction, something that I came in contact with much later. You create in life what you most think about.

The mind’s tendency to fixate.

The mind has a tendency to fixate on things you focus it on. It gets comfortable thinking about them. You gather a tendency to then act on these, repeating thoughts. Most people focus on tasks that give them a feeling of security. So they will focus on paying bills, filing taxes and finding high paying jobs. When you do this, your mind gets accustomed to this kind of thinking. Now, once the urgent and important tasks are done, the mind doesn’t automatically start thinking about the things you really want to do, it will look for another potential problem. It will find another thing to secure itself against. If you want to really do things that you like in life, you will have to change the focus, now.

But what about immediate, urgent tasks?

Use your brains. Do the minimum possible and let it go. Have faith. things will look up in time. If you think this is not an optimal solution because there are loose ends, because faith will not pay your bills, look at the alternative. You will be focusing on the things you don’t enjoy doing. You will train your mind to focus on such things, you will have a lifetime of focus on fear-based and insecurity-based issues. You may be paying your bills for the rest of your life on time, but you will never do anything you feel passionate about.

Allow yourself to not be devoted to everything you do

You don’t have to totally stop doing what you don’t like. Just make sure the focus, most of the time, stays on what you want to do. You can’t do everything to the best of your ability. So allow yourself to not do your best at things you don’t like. If you try to do your best there, you will be stuck in it, and so will be your mind. Do the minimum and let yourself do a mediocre job there. Then switch to what you like and give it your best effort. Gradually, you will create a life where you are mostly doing what you like and it is taking care of all other issues. The things you felt were urgent and important, either fall off your radar or get fixed in some way or the other. They stop bothering you in time.

What happens when you focus on what you love

You have to actively decide that you are going to put more focus and effort into what you want to do. There may be no concrete plans, there is the risk of failure. If you really want to do what you love, you will have to take this risk, one small step at a time.

There is no guarantee of how and in what time things will happen. You acknowledge the risk but you also acknowledge that continuing like your present self has no hope at all. Hope, with some risk, is way better than no hope. If there is no hope, life is a dull drudgery that you have to drag along with. Having an exciting, purposeful life is better than having a secure life with no passion, no fire and no hope in it.

Acknowledge that you don’t know the whole way through to where you want to reach but believe that new paths will present themselves as you keep trying.

When you start shifting your focus, it won’t immediately be marked by a radical change in what and how you do things in the outside world. You will still be going to your office, still be doing the things you do there. But internally, you have made a commitment to give your passions a chance, you have decided to stand up and face the wind, you have decided to dare. This is a very significant change in your life, in spite of the very little physical manifestation it may have, right now. You will notice an instant shift in energies, you will start feeling more positive and confident. Slowly, your life will change. You will start seeing more opportunities to do what you want. In time, your life will shift around to match the change in your focus. You will be doing what you like, and it will pay for your bills too!

The key to success is to focus our mind on things we desire, not things we fear. –Brian Tracy

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