The perfect moment to initiate change

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A lot of people want to make a positive change in their lives. Some want to build a positive habit, some want to move to a more fulfilling job, some want to take better care of their health, some want to look for a partner, so on and so forth… They intend to start working on these changes.

What are they waiting for?

People have varied reasons for waiting.

Some people find themselves too busy with everyday life. They are waiting for their work load to lessen.

Some can see that if they start a particular thing later, they might make more profit. For example, they may wait for another promotion before entering the job market. That way, they can ask for a bigger salary.

There are some who want change but they think they will get at it sometime. They just don’t feel like starting right now. When asked for the reason, they might try to avoid it or give a vague ‘some day’ or ‘soon’.

Some are waiting for some external force to set things right, for some miracle to happen.

There are also those who are analyzing the best way to do what they want to do. They want to start with a bang and rise quickly.

For some the external conditions are not right. For example, someone wants to change jobs but the market conditions are bad.

Some are waiting for inspiration to come to them.

Some are waiting for the weekend to do a certain thing, some are waiting for the new year to start with a new resolution and some others waiting for their retirement before they start.

They are all either preparing for a change or, waiting for something external to happen or, are waiting for the change to come to them rather than going to it. None of them are actually making it happen, not yet.

Sit back for a moment and think about the changes YOU are waiting to make. When do you deem would be the right time for this change?


What is the perfect moment?

There are no perfect moments! and, most of the time, there is no perfect start. The lights will never be all green. The only way to make sure you are going to start what you want to start, is to start now. You learn and improve as you go on.

Starting is the scariest part. You have to move ahead with some uncertainty. This is where a burning desire and courage come in. In fact, a strong desire to have something automatically builds up courage. If a strong desire is lacking, you might as well let your dream go, you are not going to follow up on it. Why waste time thinking about it. Don’t make it worse by lying to yourself that you are going to do it someday. There are 7 days in a week and someday is not one of them. Go back into your comfortable hole and hide inside… All you need to do is cultivate a burning desire for what you want. If you have that, you will see no reason to wait.

If there is a certain something that you want to happen before you start, you have 2 choices – either you make that thing happen, or you start without it. There is no other choice for a person who wants to create his/her own life. If you can’t take one of these 2 routes, you are just playing yourself.

Let me be clear here. Initiating a positive change right away, does not mean you leave everything behind and jump onto something totally new. But you can decide to build up towards it, starting from this moment. You can find a little something to do right away, and to keep building upon it everyday. There is no point in wasting time to start all out at the right moment. Start small now, set the wheels in motion.

The perfect plan. Some people get stuck in ‘paralysis of analysis’. They never start out because they keep refining their plan to make it better. Truth is, most plans fail initially when they are actually implemented. The best plan won’t be the one that doesn’t fail. The best plan will be the one that is open to improvement, the best plan will be the one that is modified with every new experience to make it better. In business, they say that no plan survives contact with the real world. It is not important to have the perfect plan.

Here is what Steve Pavlina says on the matter : ‘A typical commercial airplane is off course 90% of the time, yet it almost always arrives at its destination because it knows exactly where it’s going and makes constant corrections along the way. You cannot know the exact path to your goal in advance.’

Make a decent, flexible plan. Starting with a shaky plan, learning from your mistakes and improving is better than, spending all your time in creating the best plan, only to realize that time ran out.

There is an added benefit of a less-than-perfect plan. A fixed plan is boring. Once it is started, you are just following a script. But with a plan ready to be modified, the journey can become fun! There were will be ups and downs, and you will be required to be constantly at your toes. There will be unexpected twists coming your way. Your life will make for an interesting story! Don’t fear this, accept it as the adventure it is.

Don’t wait for inspiration to strike you, go to it. Artists sometimes wait months and years for an inspiration to start their next project. While it is good to work for something you feel inspired about, I don’t see why you have to sit and wait for inspiration to strike you. You can go out and expedite the process. If you are on the look out, and provide yourself ample stimulation by coming in contact with people, places and things you feel for, you will get your inspiration sooner than when you just sit and wait for it.

A pending task is a drag on your soul. If you don’t do something you know inside you should be doing, you create a big drag on your mental resources and conscience that makes it more difficult to start things. You will keep thinking and rethinking about it, you will feel bad and agitated. This unnecessary, negative drag on your energies will continue until you do something about it. It is said that not doing something that requires to be done, requires more energy than actually doing it. We all know how much guilt and mental effort is involved in such a situation. Don’t wait for ever,… JUST DO IT!

The perfect moment is Now! Start the change right away. Do something right away. This can be as small as making your self a firm promise to sit down tonight and make an action plan, deciding on the next small step to take. But you have to make that promise NOW.

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