That affair with money

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Money, you will come out for me.

I have followed you before, you were never a gentle one. I called out to you. I decided to run behind you. You were ever elusive, you tired me out. I was angry and sat down to rest. My pride had been hurt, I decided to not chase you again. For the first time, you stopped and looked back at me. There was mischief in your eyes. You goaded me, made fun of me.

I did not buzz. You exhaled a deep breath and came to sit next to me, albeit, at a distance. I was pissed at you, but curious too. I did not say anything, wondering what was up on your mind.

Was it another trick to make fun of me? I was determined to take no notice, nor look at you, nor talk to you. You sat there, all the while, with a serenity and patience I had not known you to possess. I accepted defeat again. I looked at you and smiled. Oh how your face had lit up then! I realized what a fool I had been, you were a friend all along! You were too pure to endure the negativity in me. The heat of discontent and greed in me was too much for your tender skin. You were friend enough to let me learn through experience and inquiry, even though I doubted your intentions.

They all took notice, they gathered around me. They were dazzled by your beauty, all dying to feel your touch. You sat there, knowing it all, you sat there believing you were safe with me. They told me to hold you tight, to not let you out of my sight. I failed again, my will was weak, greed took me again and lust filled my eyes. You wreathed as I held you tight, you urged me to wake up when I caged you inside. I thought I could hold you, but I was wrong. You slipped out, like water from my hands.

I sat there, confused and angry, and then it dawned on me. You are a friend to play and have fun with, not a bird to cage and keep. The happiness I was seeking in you has always been inside me. You like to play with those who have found the happiness within. You fall for those who ignore you, and seek what they are passionate about.

Today, I have left the chase. My heart is determined to follow its own love. Reason cannot make me bend, and bring misery to you and me again. I will follow my heart, for I believe you will come behind me.

Money, once again, you will come out for me.

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