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There must be something you want in life, something that you badly want. Maybe its been months, even years, since you have longed for it. You watch others having it, enjoying it. You feel envious. You and your friends talk about it as if it is the pinnacle of achievement. That, beyond which, you will need nothing.

But you have not been able to get it yet. You must have heard that if you really want something, you will get it. Do you wonder why this doesn’t work for you? Why don’t you get something, even though you so badly want it? Doesn’t law of attraction dictate the same thing?

This may be happening because of a key difference between how you think right now Vs how you are supposed to think for the law to work. The difference is whether your desire is a wish or a belief.

Lot of people wish for money all the time but don’t get it. It is because they don’t believe that they are going to possess it. They don’t believe they are good enough for it now. If you really want to get something, don’t want it badly, want it goodly(ya, I just added a word to the dictionary :)). I mean you have to think positively about having it. You have to believe that you are actually going to get it. There should be no doubt in you mind regarding that. Don’t sit thinking about how you will get money, think how will you manage all the money you are going to get and where you will spend it, how you will spend it. That you will get it is a given, you don’t need to plan for that.

Here is more on the difference between the two.

When you merely wish for something, you don’t imagine possessing it. You look at it with a feeling of want. Your heart automatically gets a negative, sinking feeling when you feel this way. The easiest way to find if this is the case, is to just notice how you feel when you come close to the object of your desire. Do you feel happy, energized and motivated, or do you get a negative, sinking feeling. Do you feel like you almost already posses it , that it is already yours, or do do you start feeling inside that you are not worthy of it right now, that you are not good enough to have it.

Here is an example. If you love a Mercedes, do you go into their showroom? If you don’t, this shows you don’t actually believe you are going to have it(until unless you don’t have a showroom within your possible reach). The Mercedes is just a wish for you, not something you have a strong, burning desire for. If you are about to have it, shouldn’t you go and check it out?

Once you are there, do you feel absolutely confident going up to your beloved model and checking it out? Do you feel inquisitive and ask questions about it, or do you feel intimidated and just try to stay inconspicuous?

If you can’t feel worthy and confidant in its presence, you will not have it. Don’t associate guilt with this feeling, you will be taking yourself further down. Don’t beat yourself up for not feeling good enough about it. All you need is to start believing you are worthy of it. Start feeling comfortable about it, start feeling that you are going to get it.

Imagine your object of desire, this Mercedes, is a conscious thing that has an acute sense of perception. It can make out exactly when you are feeling comfortable about it. As soon as it knows that you have removed all mental blocks and are ready to receive it into your life, it will find its way to you! It doesn’t matter what state you are in right now. It doesn’t matter if you are an ordinary guy with limited finances. If you really believe you will have it, you will have it!

Some people are too proud to accept that they feel intimidated or believe they are unworthy of their desire. Don’t go into denial(and don’t act snobbish at the showroom!). If you refuse to believe that you are uncomfortable in its presence, that you don’t really feel you are worthy of it right now, you will forever find yourself deprived of it. All that will be yours would be bitterness and want. To get over the negative feelings, you need to acknowledge them first. This may be more difficult than it seems, especially for the proud ones. But this is absolutely essential. This is the first and the biggest step, and the most difficult one too. Once you acknowledge the problem though, it starts getting more and more easy. It can be only so long before you are past the problems and standing confidently with the object of your desire. How long it takes, will depend on how strong is your desire, how strong is your belief that you are worthy of it and are ready to receive it.

If you really want to get something, cultivate a burning desire for it. Believe that you are absolutely worthy of it and are going to get it. Never doubt your impending possession of the object of your desire. Imagine possessing it. Feel like you already have it. It won’t be long before the Universe takes notice and can’t help but to manifest your desire.

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