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Sometimes, I observe the magnificence of the present moment with wonder. Lucknow Mahotsav(Fair) is on its way these days. It has been put up close to my place. Me and my wife Jyoti went there yesterday and got to listen to Kailash Kher, the famous Bollywood singer. There was such a great pull in those moments. For sometime, I was totally lost in his voice. My head was swaying and my eyes were closed. I did not need to think of anything in those moments, I did not need my blog to do well in those moments, I did not have to plan my next trip in those moments, I did not need to do anything in those moments. It was just music flowing through me and I was complete. The feeling of being in the moment has been there from before, but the event multiplied it many folds.

It got me wondering. Is it the music? Is it something with Kailash Kher? Or is it that I am just letting myself be happy? Is it about living mindfully? I think it’s a mix of all these things.

There is something about music. It just feels so right, so attuned to the life force. It can add so much more depth to emotions. If you are feeling low and choose the right music, it can lift you out of the depths of helplessness and fill you with life and enthusiasm.

Kailash Kher is an accomplished individual. He is such a conscious being that he can not only get himself to enjoy the present moment fully, but pull others into it too. He has mastered a way of expression and this shows on his passion and focus. I am sure we can always learn a lesson or two on personal growth from the likes of him. Even being in the vicinity of such people is uplifting. I have always emphasized on keeping the company of positive, motivating people. But there are some who can affect you merely by passing by you. I believe such souls have sought continuously and attained high levels of consciousness.

The event also reaffirmed my faith that we don’t need anything to be happy. Happiness comes from deciding to be happy, and that’s that. Analyze it if you will. It can be argued that being happy in a good moment is easy. Learning to stay happy when things are going astray, takes some practice. The good news is, it is possible. It is a state of mind, and not dependent upon the possession of material things or being in a certain state or place. More on this later…

Peace and ease come to the one who embraces the present moment fully, who completely surrenders to it. All opportunities, all experiences are possible for the one who is fully aware. I think I enjoyed the music so much because I experienced it mindfully. I let it take control and gave my full attention to the experience. Doing things mindfully enhances your experience with anything you do, eating food, taking a walk, taking a bath… anything. If you think about it, all happiness and all learning comes only in the present moment. Even the worst moments become enlightening when we accept ‘the Now’. When you were a kid and your father threw you in the air, you experienced the joy of flight in the present moment. You experienced the joy of your first kiss(any kiss for that matter) in the present moment. The day you finally stood up to a bully and said ‘it is enough’, you experienced the freedom and strength that courage brings, in that particularly uncomfortable present moment. You will have to agree that all the joys, sorrows, fears and revelations you experienced, were all in the present moment.

Right now, both me and Jyoti are happy for the experience and plan on going to the Mahotsav every day possible, while it lasts. Today, we are going to listen to the gazals of Talat Aziz. We are collecting a lot of good vibes these days :)

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