My experiment with food

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I usually decide whether a food is right for me or not, by the feeling I get when I eat it. I know it sounds strange but certain foods just feel right and certain foods just feel wrong. I guess it goes with people, places and other things too. I guess they call this intution.

I don’t like the same foods all the while. There are certain things i might want to eat on a particular day. There are also things that i might like continuously for a few days or weeks or months. But then I may get over them and not have them for as many days or weeks or months. I believe my body knows what it wants. I don’t check whether I am getting all the necessary nutrition from my food, I don’t see how many calories I am eating. I just eat what feels right.

Those who monitor their food a lot may find this contrary to what they know to be good. I have a few questions to ask. How many people you think, who don’t live in big cosmopolitans, monitor their food. For how long have nutritional suppliments and the knowledge of which food contains what, has been accessible to the masses?

If you believe in law of attraction, you will understand that if your focus regarding foods is overly on avoiding diseases and a bad shape, that is exactly what you will get. All I am suggesting is that you take whatever you like eating and eat it mindfully. Eating can be like meditation. If you forget everything else and just savor the food you are eating, you are eating well. You don’t need to check the calorie counts and nutritional facts of the food you have. You tend towards exactly what your body needs.

I don’t go about avoiding this or avoiding that. Sometimes I don’t eat at a very clean looking, big shop because I don’t like the people working there and sometimes I will eat at the smallest places that may not look as clean because I feel right with the vibes people have there.

Since I believe in self reliance, I want to start preparing my own food, something that I haven’t done much. I don’t want to spend too much time preparing it. It should be easy and quick to prepare, and I should like eating it. That’s all.

For the most, I have had family members cook for me or I have bought food. There have been brief periods when I cooked my own food. The difficulty was that the North Indian food I am used to is not easy to prepare. It takes time. I have wanted to find out more about certain vegan recipes and the boiled food habits practised in the Indian North East, but have been procrastinating. Hmmm… Procrastinating, something I just won’t do with.

So, starting yesterday, I am preparing my own food and started experimenting with it. I will learn along the way. Since I have started without much of a plan, there are bound to be a lot of changes in the coming few days. But I expect it to get better and better with time.

I will see if I can come up with an eating regimen that is easy to prepare and keeps me feeling good.

For starters, I have said no to my regular food. Although it did not go down well with my mother-in-law, who lives close by and was sending me food for the last 2 weeks, I have asked her not to cook food for me. I have also asked Jyoti, my wife, to not cook anything for me. She anyway needs time to prepare for an exam she has next month. Having said no to these people and announcing in front of them and you all, I have made a commitment. We will see how this adventure progresses.

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