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Have you ever felt that what you thought about, came to be? Have you ever got up in the morning and thought about meeting someone you haven’t seen in a long while – and then, that same day, that same person meets you, or calls you, or writes you an email? I had always felt that way but used to ignored my feelings because it felt contrary to logic and reasoning. I felt that maybe I see things this way because I want to see them this way.

Some three-four years ago, I came across a video by Rhonda Byrne . It was called ‘The Secret’. I could not stop watching that video and played it again and again. It confirmed what I had felt for such a long time. The more I thought about the events in my life, the more I was convinced of it. My experiences in life since that time have all strengthened my faith in it.

Later, as I read and searched more, I found there is some scientific work to support this. But I will not go into the details of the proofs. If you are interested, there is a good book on the topic, ‘The Intention Experiment’ by Lynne McTaggart .

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction states that – “Whatever you think about, you attract into your life.”

The Law says that you get in life what you ‘think’, not what you ‘wish’. This means, if you wish you had a Mercedes but keep thinking it is very expensive, then it will always remain too expensive for you, until you start thinking it is not. You will have to bring your focus from the thought that it is too expensive, to the thought that you want to have it. You will have to feel having bought it. You will have to imagine driving it. You will have to do this on a regular basis. The amount of time it will take to manifest will depend upon how much more focus you can give to the positive thought of having it rather than the negative thought of it being expensive, unachievable.

If you want your wish to come true, you will have to start having thoughts that are congruent with your wish.

What Rhonda found is not a new concept, it has been said over and over again, by a lot of different intellectuals, at various times in history, at different places in this world.

Bhagvad Gita – Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.

Buddha – All that we are is the result of what we have thought.

Jesus – It is done unto you as you believe…

Einstein – Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.

A friendly Universe

Einstein once said, “I think the most important question facing humanity is, ‘Is the universe a friendly place?'”.

According to the Law of Attraction, this is a friendly Universe. It works to bring into being, anything you think. It is always listening, always attentive. Most people don’t get what they want because they have little control over their thought process and spend too much time thinking about what can go wrong. They wish for something but expect the contrary. This confusion keeps the Universe in a state of inaction.

For the Universe to manifest your wish, it needs a a dominant, focused thought pattern. People who often do not get what they want are the ones who are too afraid that something will go wrong. They focus more on what should not happen and manifest exactly that in their lives. People who are somewhat successful are those who have their fears but their thoughts of having their desired outcome, outweigh the thoughts of doubt and fear. People who are highly successful are the ones with a lot of mind control. They consciously focus their thoughts on what they want.

Focus on what you want and believe that you will get it.

Its also very important to understand what you ‘really’ want. Is your feeling of want based upon positive emotions of happiness or is it based on negative emotions of fear, a sense of insecurity? If your wish is based upon negative emotions, you will find it difficult to manifest it. Understanding what you really want is important to be able to manifest your desired outcome. Give some thought to what you really want, you can invoke the law itself to help you with this task.

The Universe has an abundance to provide for everybody

Law of Attraction also says that there is an abundance of things in the Universe. Different people want different things and the Universe can provide for us all. You may say most people want money. Truth is, for most people, the reasons to want money are negative. A lot of people want money because they have a fearful response to the world. They fear bad times and want to accumulate wealth to feel safe and secure. Such people, because of their focus on the possibility of problems, see them quite often. You might have come across a lot of folks who, in spite of having earned a significant amount of money, don’t really seem to be any happier than before. They are still trying to accumulate more and trying to save more of what they already have. They don’t seem to have any happiness in the present and seem to be running after some imaginary, future date when they will find it. They never seem to arrive there.

There are also those who see money as a means to achieving what they want. These people are not as fearful and are usually happier and seem to be living their dreams more. They make sure they don’t get into a negative cash flow(don’t spend more than they earn) and are conscious of possible problems but not unduly focused on them. Such people have a greater success rate and more happiness in the present moment.

There is enough for everyone in this world. We do not need to step on others to get what we want. If we do, we are acting out of an attitude of scarcity and will manifest more of that in our lives. The way to succeed and be happy, in fact the only way to be so, is to look for a win-win situation, to believe in the unavoidability of your own success and that of others.

An empowering perspective

Different people have different ideas about how the world runs. It can be argued that the law is false and that randomness pervades in the world, or that there is a God entity that has pre-determined the flow of things or…, there are thousands and thousands of different beliefs.

Why I like to choose this one over the others, besides the fact that I have already experienced how well it works, is because its a very positive belief. It makes you look at the world positively, as a friendly place. You feel that the Universe, and all beings in it, are trying to help you. You also believe that your fortune is in your own hands(in your own thoughts). This is very empowering.

A believer in the law will not be deterred by any setbacks. He is bound to generate a lot of good will because he doesn’t see anyone as an adversary, he acts to create a win-win situation. If you fear your faith in the law will make you inactive because the law requires only thought, rest assured. All that the law does is take away the stress out of work. You will feel that there is not as much work to be done as you had imagined. What ever needs to be done, does not feel like drudgery. You feel like doing it, you enjoy it. Remember how you felt while playing as kids? You would wait for the moment you will be let out to play. You enjoyed it. The law makes you work that way.

How to use it?

According to Rhonda Byrne :

Ask the Universe once for what you want. Put your wish out to the world. Define your intended outcome clearly. Writing it down helps a lot. Just ask once. Asking more than once means you doubt that your wish was heard the first time. Doubt in your mind will slow down the manifestation. Believe that the Universe is always waiting for your wish. It hears you loud and clear, with unwavering attention.

Believe that you will receive it. When you ask the Universe, ask in the now, not sometime in the future. Once you have asked, believe that what you asked for is already yours. Your faith in the law has to be complete. Believe that you are already receiving it, that your wish is being manifested by the Universe.

Receive it. Start feeling good about receiving it. Feel exactly the way you would feel once you have received it. Don’t think about how it will happen, that’s the job of the Universe. When you are feeling good about having received it, you are totally ready to have it in your life. The Universe starts moving immediately to manifest your wish.

Imagination and self-suggestion are a big part of this process. So are faith and courage.

Your first experiment with the Law

For your first trial, pick a small desirable outcome, like being offered tea by your colleague. Use the above steps. Imagine your colleague offering it to you. Believe that this will happen. Act with that belief. You probably won’t get success right away, although its very much possible. Do this for some time. See when it manifests and enjoy the results!

What do you think about the law of attraction? Do you feel it works for you? Do you see past events that can be explained by it? Share your thoughts below.

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