4 benefits of experiencing different places.

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Flowing water is pure – old Indian saying.

I have had the opportunity to live in different places in my life. Within India, I have lived and experienced life at Lucknow, Ludhiana, Nirjuli(Arunachal Pradesh) and Bangalore. I also lived in the US for 3 years. I was in Charlotte, NC for 4 months and then in New York City for 2 and a half years.

Although, the whole process of moving, was stressful in the beginning, it has benefited me in a lot of unique ways. Here are a few benefits of living in different places.

1. It broadens your horizon and develops acceptance. When you travel to different places, you realize how big the world is. You realize that the opinion of the people in your parts, is not the only opinion out there. You understand that there are better possibilities to certain things and people in your parts can learn from others and vice versa. You gather first hand experience of cultures and societies you had only heard about. If you observe long enough, you see that people have the same basic needs and the same basic fears everywhere. You learn acceptance of all people.

2. You are put out of your comfort zone. In a new place, you are out of the comfort of a habitual way of life. The new situation in the new place will make you fix certain things you would have taken for granted at your home. This is a learning experience and one that builds confidence and character.

3. You learn self reliance. You learn to live by yourself, you learn to start your life from scratch. This is a very empowering feeling. It takes away a lot of fears related to the need for security. It opens a lot of new doors for you. Those who don’t move around, will have to let go of a lot of opportunities because of their immobility. If you look at the lives of great people, you will find so many who moved to different places to make a life for themselves. Some flourished in the new place, some gained experience that helped them later in life.

4. You get rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff. With each move, you have to look at all your belongings and decide which ones are useful and worth carrying along. This makes you cut down to what is necessary. This also makes you have a smaller footprint on this earth and you become free of the extra baggage that otherwise would have slowed your speed in life.

Living in different places does not mean you severe old ties or forget about your home. On the contrary, when you have developed yourself thus and return to your origin, you are in a better position to help develop it. You have certain unique insights and perspectives that people in your parts can benefit from. So go around, and experience the world. Don’t just look for opportunities to make money and have a secure life. If you find an opportunity to go to a different place, take it, it will help you grow. Leave the comfort of home and become an empty cup again, to be filled with knowledge.

Be free.

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