10 quick techniques to feel good

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Feeling bored? Overwhelmed? Demotivated? Try these quick tricks to get yourself back into action.

1. Exercise for two minutes. Just get up and do some physical activity. Push ups, a short run, skipping, anything. Even taking a brisk walk out in the open will recharge your batteries. Exercise releases endorphins(don’t ask me what they are) in your body that make you feel good. Often we keep a longer, fixed period of the day to exercise. A small burst of exercise has its merits too. Its easier to do and repeat, and it can be done any time you need a quick perk up. Kids do this all the while, they have several such short bursts during any given day.

2. Do a two minute meditation. You don’t need to sit down into the lotus pose for this one. Where ever you are, sitting or standing, just get comfortable and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing for a while. Now turn to your thoughts. Observe them as they come and go. Don’t try to control them, just observe each one and then let it go. If you can get to a thoughtless state, nothing like it!

3. Do some clean up. Go clean up/arrange that shelf you have been thinking about. Or go out to throw the garbage. Clean up your inbox, or the pile of letters you have, clean up some unwanted software from your computer. You don’t need to do the whole thing now, just do a part of it.

4. Call up an old friend. Can you think of someone you haven’t talked to in a while? Go with your instinct, if a face comes to your mind, call that person.

5. Help someone out. This is a very powerful one. Find someone to help out. It may be a colleague you can help or some person on an online forum. When I was a software developer, I used to go to technical forums once in a while, to see if I could answer someone’s query.

We live so much for ourselves that we have totally forgotten how good it feels to help someone. Life is not all about ourselves.

6. Listen to your favorite song. Really listen to it. Turn it on, close your eyes and feel the song. Try to feel the same way you felt when you first heard it.

7. Brainstorm your next trip. Where would you like going next? Even planning a trip or activity is fun. Think about the places you have wanted to go to. What are the things you are going to do there. Beware, doing this often but not taking the trip won’t help. If you have already planned it a few times, you will have to go ahead and actually take the trip. Otherwise your mind will know you don’t really mean it and won’t bother :)

8. Plan a surprise for your loved ones. Buy a small gift for your loved ones. They will love it and you will feel good.

9. Take a quick nap. If its OK with your boss, you can take a quick nap while on your seat. It can be very refreshing. Make sure that your boss is OK with it. I once had an unpleasant experience(actually, looking back, it was a good experience) because my boss didn’t like it :). I’ll suggest, change such bosses. I did that.

10. Read a small article. If you like short stories, keep a short story book with you. Or you can read a small article of your interest. Or read a blog. Mine is quite good for such occasions 😉

Use these tips whenever you have to. But be aware that if you find yourself using these tips too often, the problem is deeper than a momentary requirement for change. Maybe you need to reassess your direction and purpose in life. Life is meant to be full of enthusiasm and fun. Settle for no less.

I am sure there can be various other ways to boost up your energy. Can you think of any? Share your favorite trick in comments below.


  • Rakesh Rao
    November 18, 2010 - 7:58 am | Permalink

    I just love reading your blog man!!! Every time my mind wanders into the unwanted zone i just go read up your posts! Thank you so much for your writing :). Why don’t you create a community in FB where people can join in and get your posts when ever you share them…These days FB is also into the ad buzz so it might help you some way.

    • Rahul
      November 18, 2010 - 6:40 pm | Permalink

      I am glad you like it Rakesh :)
      I’ll consider your FB suggestion. Thanks!

  • Jyoti
    November 18, 2010 - 10:40 am | Permalink

    Nice techniques. Your articles are wonderful. I really like reading your articles…..it has a sense of humor attached with deep insightful thoughts. Good going.
    Infact I tried meditation and it is really relaxing. A lot of people think that meditation is very time consuming but it has been very well pointed out in your article that it can be done in two minute as well. Would like to read more on meditation and your experiences with it. :)

    • Rahul
      November 18, 2010 - 6:46 pm | Permalink

      Meditation is very very relaxing. The sense of peace and calm that results from it is something that cannot be explained, it can only be experienced. I am glad you like doing it and like this blog.
      I’ll definitely do an article on meditation. Thanks for visiting.

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