On having Security in Life

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Recently, I moved from New York to India. Some of you may know that I left a regular, software development job there to write this, my blog full time. I have been talking to a few of my acquaintances in India since my return. A friend of my father’s gave me the advice of ‘settling down in life before taking risks like this’. I had a phone conversation with another person I know closely. He has similar ideas.

He believes that we need to have ‘Security’ before we can really start enjoying our lives, before we can start doing what we really love to do. A minimum bank balance and possessions are required to feel assured that even if we fail at what we are doing, we can still live our life comfortably.

There are quite a few people I know who think similarly. I too shared this belief earlier but came to dislike it. I wanted to write my thoughts on the topic but found this article by Steve Pavlina that says exactly what I want to say. I hope you find it interesting and gain something from it.

Here are a couple of common questions that I would like to answer.

1. Don’t we need to plan for our future?

We do, but I think we should not obsess with it. An advice by Holly Lisle about fiction writing seems just about right for life as well : ‘Plot loosely’. While plotting a novel, focus only on the ‘high points’ that your story would have. Planning every minute detail will make novel writing very boring, its like you have already written the novel before you have written it. Loose plotting keeps you from straying away from the main theme, while still keeping the writing process interesting.

In life, keep in mind the important goals you want to achieve but don’t try to plan the rest of your life to every last detail. Have faith in yourself and the Universe, things will turn out just fine.

2. Don’t they say, be prepared for the worst?

Best and worst are more easily recognizable in a short term event. For long term events, there are just too many variables and its very difficult to determine all possible outcomes of an action.

We get in life what we think of most. If your dominant thought is that a calamity can happen for which you need to prepare yourself, a calamity is what you will get. I think its good to plan a little. Beyond that, keep yourself ready for unexpected results. As long as we keep our focus on the positive, the outcomes, whatever they turn out to be, will be good. We will also be alert and receptive enough to recognize and make good use of opportunity, whenever it presents itself.

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