Living with courage.

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There is the life of the multitudes. They grow up learning from their parents and society. They are told to do certain things in school, they do those. When they grow up, they don’t realize its OK to start using their brains, they don’t realize that each individual is unique and has different things he dreams of, different things that he would enjoy, different things that he would be good at. The result is a society full of people looking at each other for conformity. Whenever they do something, they look around to see whether people around them approve of it or not. A fear sets in, fear of non-conformity. And when everyone becomes like this, anyone who decides to try otherwise is met with disapproval, contempt and ridicule.

There are a few, there always have been and there always will be, who break out of this group of semi-conscious, half-alive masses to realize they are different. They understand that they are capable of experiencing and growing much more than this culture of conformity will allow them. They understand that all men are unique and there is no sin in accepting that. Its OK to strive for things that no one around them has ever tried. Above all, they realize that reaching out for what they really want, although it seems hard at first, is the only way to attain true happiness, to attain self-actualization. They, in spite of their fears, reach out for the life of their dreams. These are men and women of courage.

The fearful ones always choose the easy path, where they won’t stand out of the crowd, where they won’t be ridiculed. They laugh and mock the courageous souls who try to reach for the stars. They laugh when the courageous one tries and falls. They quieten down a bit when he starts learning from his lessons and appears wiser. Jealousy sets in when he jumps out of them to sit on a higher berth. They say he will soon fall. But then he rises further, and further. Other fearfuls join them and look up at the courageous one in awe.  They are confused. They get uncomfortable when the real fact stares them in the eye – ‘He is there because he has heart. You are a coward.’ This is too much to hear, they can’t accept this. So they have to quickly explain it away. Some say he got lucky, some say he was born different. Some will call out to him to ask how he did it. Others will just ignore him, he is an anomaly of nature.

The courageous one starts with great difficulty. He has had to accept the fact that his discovery would be ridiculed instead of being praised. If he tells others that the only happiness is in striving for their heart’s calling, he will not only be ridiculed by the fearfuls but also, when he tries to live by it, they will do everything to make his life difficult. Should he return to the fearfuls and escape this hardship? He knows he will never be happy. This is the fire through which he will have to pass to turn into real gold. He now knows that the way of the fearful seems easy at first, but it will slowly lead to more and more frustration. On the other hand, the courageous way will put him to the hardest tests first, but reward him handsomely later. The rewards would be so high that all hardships will dwarf down in front of it. That reward will be eternal happiness.

Well, that’s the way it is(I know that’s a song by Celine Deon, I like it :)). Which side are you on?

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