Letting go

Silhouette acrobaticsphoto © 2009 Jens-Andreas Dahl | more info (via: Wylio)

I focus a lot on self improvement. I try to make myself give out my best. I am constantly analyzing my actions to find where I can improve, what can I do better to feel more fulfilled, more at peace. This, many times, has made it very difficult for me to forgive myself when I am less than excellent. I would be irritated quickly when the outcome of my actions was not exactly as I had anticipated.
From what I have realized over time, a person can only try his or her best and then let go. It’s very important to let go. In my opinion, that brings about one’s best performance. Thinking constantly, analyzing constantly will make the mind dull and bring down performance. To be able to believe in a friendly universe and let go is important, not only for good performance but also to enjoy life, to ‘smell the roses’. The focus, when doing anything, should be on enjoying it. Enjoying your actions is very important. It is the best motivator to keep doing something and improving at it while you are doing it.
There is a fine line between not trying well enough and trying too hard. I think all one needs to do is do the activity while he/she is enjoying it. During this time, do it with all your heart. Feel totally alive, totally conscious and completely one with the activity. But once the creative force has exhausted itself through you, LET GO. Don’t force yourself to do a little more, do things a little better. BELIEVE that the universe will take care of it. You have done your part in the whole cycle of things. Just sit back and observe how the universe uses it. You will hear it’s call when it needs you again. Again the pull will be strong. Again you will feel totally alive doing your part.

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